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I am a reiki and spiritual healer in Detroit and surrounding areas. Some of the techniques I use in my practice include:

Ethereal Crystal Healing

What is Ethereal Crystal Healing?  First let’s look at the definition of Ethereal.  Ethereal is “lacking material substance or beyond the Earth”. Therefore, an Ethereal crystal is a crystal lacking substance.  A crystal you can not hold in your hands and see with your own 2 eyes.  An Ethereal crystal is pure “spiritual energy”.

Ethereal Crystals is an energetic tool used to  help us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They help to relieve stress, depression, infection, inflammation, muscle pain, insomnia, and much more.  They are sometimes used alone, but are also used in conjunction with other methods of healing.  This is a tool that I am often guided to  incorporate into my energy work sessions.

Cosmic Healing Discs

These High Frequency Vibration Discs are quick to activate the light body.  Each disc helps to connect you with your higher self and accelerate your spiritual growth. Although each disc has its own special healing purpose to work on a specific area of attention, they all have the ability to do the following:

Clear Negative Thought Patterns
Deepens Meditative states
Assists in manifesting new realities
Opens Angelic doorways into higher dimensions
Increases your own electromagnetic field
Activates cellular memories stored in the DNA
Strengthens connections to your Higher Self

Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing is a very powerful intuitive health reading session in which Katie will  run energy through the body. The energy is used to create balance in the body and mind to promote healing on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The first session is usually a reading and a healing combined.

As she is running energy she will also read and identify the energetic blocks.  Katie will then ask the spiritual guides what the best approach is to assist you in healing.  She may receive information on herbs, essential oils, medications, psychological belief systems, nutrition, inner child distress, past life issues, messages from loved ones who have crossed over, etc.  Katie may also receive information and advice on careers, relationships, family issues and physical issues; anything that is relevant in your life . Katie is guided during these sessions and may be guided to use Integration Therapy, Ancestral Healing, Inner Child Healing, and or healing visual meditations.  Katie also may be called to use Cosmic Healing discs and or crystals. During these sessions she will only act for the highest good of the client. I will address all of the issues that present themselves during the session. Intuitive healings are the fastest way to heal and to move forward in your life.

You may need multiple sessions to heal multiple issues or deep trauma.  People that have been very open in the past have been able to heal multiple issues in one session, everyone is different. Just be as open as is comfortable and miracles can happen.

Ascension Healing

Ascension Healing is a form of consciousness healing. With the assistance of spirit, Katie will help to shift the consciousness by changing beliefs and patterns which are limiting or no longer serving.

This is done by working with the inner child. The majority of our  core beliefs are formed by age 7. Encompassed in the Inner Child Healing is Womb Healing, Ancestral healing, Trauma healing, Integration healing, and or Forgiveness Healing. Some deeper levels of healings may be needed such as past life or parallel life healing, and or grief healing work.

Within this work you learn to become more interdependent, helping to heal codependency. You continue to create a loving relationship with yourself based on self-acceptance and self-love. You learn proper boundaries which helps to step you into your power! This is especially important for empaths!

Inner Child Healing

This is a session in which Katie will  place you in an altered state in order to help you communicate with your inner child. Together, with spirit, she will work through issues in order to release life patterns caused by traumas and circumstances. After the issue is worked through, Katie will then help you integrate the newly healed aspect of yourself into the present.

You will also learn how to nurture your inner child and learn exercises to support that aspect of yourself; this promotes healing and establishes a relationship with yourself on a very intimate level.

In an Inner Child Healing session Katie will be doing A Reiki Healing as she puts you into an altered state to communicate with younger aspects of yourself to find out when an unhealthy pattern started and why or when a certain belief started, that is somehow holding them back in life in present day situations. Most of our beliefs are formed before the time we are 7 years old, for our personalities are formed by the age of 7.  We learn some of our beliefs socially or we adopt them from our parents or others who have an influence on us and others are formed from experiences that actually occurred. At such a young age we are not mature enough to understand things outside of ourselves, for a child takes things on, that happen around them as if they are part of it, even if they are not.  For example when parents get divorced or are stressed or unhappy for some reason, the child will think that it is because of them.  They are unable to separate themselves from the situation. They will think they did something to cause it, blame themselves in some way. We all need inner child healing whether we have experienced a trauma in childhood or not!!

Katie will then work to disprove this misinterpreted belief, so that they can now see things from a different perspective and start to believe differently. For example if a person has abandonment issues from a parent leaving from a divorce, or death or other circumstances then Katie can channel the truth about why the parent left and that it had nothing to do with  them.  The person can then learn to see things differently and stop believing that they were abandoned. This is one way in which Katie can use her intuitive skills to help in a healing. She can identify the patterns or beliefs people hold onto in their subconscious and see into the past and present of why people are behaving the way they do or did, in order to help their client have peace and understanding and sometimes even forgiveness of others and self. This is just one simple example of many, many patterns and beliefs. So if you believe you were abandoned, you will perceive situations as abandonment and attract situations that look like abandonment, by the law of attraction.

Forgiveness Healing

Forgiveness is an important part of the healing process.  When there is anger and hurt with someone, there is anger and hurt within ourselves.  Forgiveness of self and others, is an important part of stepping out of Victim behavior and taking your power back.  While the client is in a meditative state, we call in the situation or person that needs forgiving and work through that process. Through releasing that pain it allows the client to move forward and to experience why the situation occurred in the first place and what has been gained.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Energy is an ancient Japanese healing modality in which I work with the anatomy of your energy system in order to promote healing on all levels. Reiki can be used to heal things as simple as headaches or a sore back, or more serious injuries such as broken bones or cancer. It can even help with depression or if you are just in a funk. It helps you obtain deep relaxation and can take you to an altered state in order to relieve anxiety or stress. It is a life path as well as a healing modality.

A Reiki Session can aid in easing but is not guaranteed to fix the following issues:

  • Headaches
  • Sore Back
  • Broken Bones
  • Disease
  • Depression
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety/Stress

Generational Healing

We learn much of our subconscious beliefs from our parents by age 7.  Some of these learned beliefs aren’t always for our highest good.  Ex. I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, It’s not safe to be me. These were not necessarily taught to us on purpose but typically learned from their parents.  Each generation has only the set of tools that they were taught to pass down. Many of those beliefs were created in fear, oppression, and lack.   Generational Healing involves releasing subconscious beliefs, blocks, emotional and mental pain, that have been passed down from generation to generation.  In doing so, not only do we lift and change the energy around the belief, but we help to heal the souls of those ancestors.

Integration Healing

During an integration Katie will dialogue with that part of the person which is stuck in that traumatic space and time.  Eventually, we invite that part of them into the present where they feel safe, helping to lighten the belief that is being worked on.

Spiritual Coaching

This type of life coaching is based on using intuition to advise and provide guidance in any and all areas or situations in one’s life. Katie includes this in healings. Katie will coach clients through triggers, events, situations, and issues. Coaching and advice is also advised in lifestyle, diet, relationships, and career.

The following are great reasons to receive spiritual coaching:

  • Help with boundaries with people
  • Rest and play
  • Dietary and Exercise Changes
  • Relationships
  • Creating balance in your life work
  • Nutrition and Health Guidance
  • Insights on events
  • Spiritual Guidance

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