As far back as she can recall, Katie has felt called to help others feel lighter in life. This calling, in addition to a deep connection to her intuition, guided her to begin her own healing journey over a decade ago. It was through her own personal experiences with healing work that  Katie realized the power of energy healing and how quickly it can help one move through pain and deep obstacles to make life easier. This profound experience left Katie with a desire to not only heal herself through this modality, but to learn all she could to help others do the same.

Today, Katie’s energy work manifests in a variety of different roles. In early 2020, Katie launched a children’s program that teaches classes for kids based on Managing Energy through the New Paradigm. She holds a passion for teaching children and youth, tools to help manage their energy and stress, gain self-worth, and build loving relationships with themselves so they can live with ease and joy.

During sessions Katie connects with Universal/God energy. With the guidance of Spirit, she is able to help her clients let go of false subconscious beliefs and fear that may be holding them back from what they truly desire in life. Every session she does is unique to each individual and her highest expression of channeling and surrender. Katie lives in deep gratitude daily for the gifts she has been able to hone and share with others.

Katie is often guided to incorporate her Pleiadian Cosmic Healing Discs in sessions to help her clients step into higher states of consciousness. These power tools have their own unique abilities that work in one’s energy field, raising energy levels within the body and amplifying healing on all levels.

  • Intuitive Healer, Donna Lakes Healer Program
  • Self-empowerment teacher to children of various ages
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Psychology
    Eastern Michigan University
  • Employment supporting emotionally impaired adolescents
    Livingston County Mental Health Department