Strengthening Your Intuition:

September 28th, 2023
7:00-8:15 PM
1025 E. Maple Rd. Birmingham MI
Price – 40.00

Strengthening your intuition is about letting go and opening up to receive the next beautiful step in guidance.  This class is designed to teach/ remind you how to do this.  I teach the tools of empowerment so in whatever experience you are moving through, you can be in it with all of the love and Universal energy that is you! In doing this, you allow your inner guidance to shine and the next loving step to unfold.  This leading, to creating an amazing and magical life for yourself and those around you.

This class is for the ages of 13-17 and includes the following and more:

  • Information on the importance of meditation and setting your energy.
  • A discussion on how everything we need is within us.
  • I will be teaching tools on how to let go and tune in to the answers to your questions.
  • Learn how expansive you really are, and that you are capable of anything that you believe you are capable of.
  • Learn the power of setting intentions.
  • Experience an exercise in practicing your intuition on others.
  • A manual to remind you of the tools you’ve learned.
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